SSUSI Data Usage Help Files

The presentations linked below were given during the June 25, 2014 CEDAR workshop on how to use SSUSI and GUVI data to improve our understanding of Space Weather and the dynamics of the Ionosphere Thermosphere Magnetosphere system. The presentations in the table below are listed in the same order they were given in the workshop.

Title File
How SSUSI and GUVI Work (SSUSI and GUVI basics) paxton_ssusi_and_guvi_overview_2014.pptx
Spectrograph Mode Overview (primarily for current GUVI data) paxton_spectrograph_mode_overview_2014.pptx
SSUSI High Latitude Products SSUSIHighLatitudeProducts.pptx
SSUSI Low Latitude Products SSUSILowLatitudeProducts.pptx
SSUSI Data and Web (how to get data and other information on the website) SSUSIDataAndWeb.pptx
SSUSI Data Usage SSUSIDataUsage.pptx