Data Products

The table below provides links to the SSUSI products as well as more details about the data products. Each product is linked to the directory where the data products are stored. The data are sorted time: year and day of year.

Data Product Contents F16 F17 F18
PREP Contains imaging data (suffix:".image_PREP") and spectral data (suffix: ".spect_PREP") F16_PREP F17_PREP F18_PREP
Level 1B Imaging radiance data for both limb and disk scans in the file.  Disk data pixels are geolocated at the dayside (150 km), auroral (110 km), and nightside (350 km) reference altitudes F16_L1B F17_L1B F18_L1B
SDR Contains 3 products based on 5 UV imaging colors:
  1. gridded limb radiance data - "SDR-LIMB"
  2. high resolution gridded disk radiance data - "SDR-DISK"
  3. low resolution gridded radiance disk data - "SDR2-DISK".  Inside the SRD2 are two different resolution grids: a low resolution for EDR algorithms and a very low resolution for global data assimilation models
Auroral EDR Contains electron energy flux (Q) and mean energy (E0), auroral boundaries (both equatorward and poleward) derived directly from the data and a fitted GUVI model global boundary, identified discrete auroral arcs, hemispheric power, and magnetic field lines traced to 4 Earth radii F16_AUR F17_AUR F18_AUR
EDR Auroral Prediction Contains an auroral prediction for the oval boundary, and Q and E0 for the next 15 consecutive orbits F16_AUR-PRED F17_AUR-PRED F18_AUR-PRED
DiskEDR Contains dayside (solar flux proxy Qeuv, O/N2 ratio, electron density maximum NmF2 and height HmF2) and nightside disk EDRs (electron density maximum NmF2 and height HmF2)
  • Nightside   - "EDR-NIGHT-DISK"
  • Dayside     - "EDR-DAY-DISK"
LimbEDR Contains nightside (electron density maximum NmF2 and height HmF2, volume emission ratios) and dayside limb EDRs (electron density maximum NmF2 and height HmF2, neutral densities for O, O2, and N2, and topside electron densities)
  • Nightside   - "EDR-NIGHT-LIMB"
  • Dayside     - "EDR-DAY-LIMB"

Radiance Data binned on a very coarse scale for ingestion into the GAIM global model.  There are both a disk and a limb product; 135.6 nm radiances have Mutual Neutralization subtracted.

  • Disk         - "EDR-GAIM-DISK"
  • Limb         - "EDR-GAIM-LIMB" 

Ionosphere EDR

Contains 3D cuboids of equatorial nightside electron density and characteristics of any ionospheric bubbles detected. F16_IONO F17_IONO F18_IONO

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