Data Types

The following table describes the data product types available for the Special Sensor Ultraviolet Spectrographic Imager (SSUSI) instrument. All data files are in NetCDF format and the detailed field definitions files can be found as links in column 3.

Data Type Description Format Definition File
PREP Raw Instrument Data reformatted into NetCDF Prep Format
Level 1B Calibrated, Background subtracted, geolocated instrument scan data L1B Format
SDR Scan data binned onto a larger, more uniform geographic based grid SDR Format
EDR-auroral Auroral boundary, Q, E0, NmE, HmE gridded geomagnetically, Hemispheric power, p precipitation regions EDR Formats
EDR-disk NmF2,  HmF2, [Nightside: F0F2], [Dayside:Qeuv,O/N2,TEC] EDR Formats
EDR-limb NmF2,  HmF2, [Nightside: VER, EDP,Htop], [Dayside: TEC, densities for O2, O, N2] EDR Formats
EDR-Iono Number of equatorial ionospheric bubbles detected and their centroid locations; Electron densities in bubble and background ionosphere EDR Formats

The file naming convention for all SSUSI data products is described in:

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