SSUSI Software Tools

The SSUSI data products are all written using a platform independent binary file format called NetCDF (Network Common Data Format) and are not human-readable. Readers for the individual GUVI data product files are available in IDL in the table below and NetCDF has a utility called ncdump which will display any NetCDF file as ASCII text. To use ncdump, NetCDF must be installed on your machine and is available free of charge from theĀ Unidata Program Center.

Available tools A general purpose routine for reading any NetCDF file. Returns an IDL structure with all variables, including attributes and global variables. Can be used with all SSUSI data products.
Useful plotting tools Utilitiy program to automatically scale a variable's range in order to scale plotting colors appropriately. A modified version of the original Fanning Consulting utility to put an annotated colorbar on plots. A routine to plot geolocated binned radiances from SSUSI SDRs on the globe. Works with SDR-LIMB, SDR-DISK, and SDR2-DISK, files. Need,, and to use. A routine to plot all 5 RADIANCE colors, plus Electron Mean Energy, Electron Flux, NME, HME, and Proton Flags. The routine needs as input a full name (path included) of an EDR-AUR file. By default, the output plots, in postscript format, are save in the same directoty as the input file, however a user can specify a different directory by using "ps_dir=<path>". Need,, and to use. Compiles all above IDL routines.