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The International Reference Ionosphere \textendash Status 2013

AuthorBilitza, Dieter;
KeywordsForecast; Ionosphere; IRI; Real-Time; Space Weather

This paper describes the latest version of the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) model. IRI-2012 includes new models for the electron density and ion densities in the region below the F-peak, a storm-time model for the auroral E-region, an improved electron temperature model that includes variations with solar activity, and for the first time a description of auroral boundaries. In addition, the thermosphere model required for baseline neutral densities and temperatures was upgraded from MSIS-86 to the newer NRLMSIS-00 model and Corrected Geomagnetic coordinates (CGM) were included in IRI as an additional coordinate system for a better representation of auroral and polar latitudes. Ongoing IRI activities towards the inclusion of an improved model for the F2 peak height hmF2 are discussed as are efforts to develop a \textquotedblleftReal-Time IRI\textquotedblright. The paper is based on an IRI status report presented at the 2013 IRI Workshop in Olsztyn, Poland. The IRI homepage is at\

Year of Publication2015
JournalAdvances in Space Research
Number of Pages1914-1927
Date Published04/2015